College of Pharmacy

Arkansas Poison and Drug
Information Center (APDIC)

Spring is here so be sure and program the 1-800-222-1222 Poison Hotline number into your cell phone speed dial so you can speak with a Certified Specialist in Poison Information for whatever poisoning or medication problem you may have.  The Poison Specialists who answer the phone is either a medical doctor, pharmacist or a registered nurse. The Poison Center has an active public and professional education outreach program. Click on the Free Materials hot tab above to order free poison prevention materials online. You may also email Charlie Stutts at anytime for any administrative questions, concerns or any public education needs you may have.

The APDIC wants people to call the poison hotline for the latest up to date clinical information regarding any poison exposure or drug interaction question rather than going online and getting information that may or may not be accurate or relevant. In some cases the information that you get online may actually be harmful to you or your loved one.

If you need to mail a request the APDIC mailing address is:

Arkansas Poison and Drug Information Center FacebookArkansas Poison & Drug Info Center
Attn: Charlie Stutts
4301 W Markham St, Slot 522-2
Little Rock, AR 72205